10 Things You Need to Know Before You Vape CBD Oil

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Top Facts You Should Know Before You Start Vaping CBD Oil


The market of weed-infused products is becoming overwhelming. A beginner consumer might feel lost and confused with the wide choice of cannabis-derived treatments, beverages, topicals, cremes, and vapors available for reasonable prices. 


CBD products stand out from the crowd of tons of other pot-related products since they are organic, natural, and ready to offer lots of health benefits for its users. When searching for the best option for your case, it might be often difficult to choose the most fitting option. However, there is one innovative and universal solution for those looking for a top cannabidiol product. So, meet CBD vape oil and discover its most important facts, advantages, side effects, and prices. In this article, we’ve collected everything needed for the beginner to start vaping CBD oil in a healthy and the most productive way. 

CBD: the basic facts

CBD is one of the most famous compounds of the hemp plant that is a kind of specially cultivated cannabis. What makes it special? Marijuana plants are grown using only organic components, modern equipment, and special techniques that make them clean, fresh, and completely safe for consumption. 


CBD is known for its powerful therapeutic effects and the ability to reduce or even eliminate dozens of ailments and symptoms. The matter is that the substance can impact on the human’s endocannabinoid system, making an individual feel healthier and more fit. 


One of the most important things any beginner consumer should know is that CBD has no psychoactive influence on your brain and thoughts. Therefore, leave all your worries about getting high behind. No matter which dose of CBD product you take, you will not feel any euphoria or confusion. 


The matter is that weed has another component that makes people feel on cloud nine. This is THC. The larger the amount of THC you take, the stronger the high you are likely to get. However, CBD products contain little to no traces of this psychoactive compound, so you will experience only health benefits without any euphoria. This is especially important for those people who need to be extra attentive and focused on their workplaces but still require relief from certain conditions. Consuming some CBD vape oil or another similar product will make you feel healthier and stronger, so you can achieve even more impressive results in building your career. 


However, make sure to stop consuming any CBD products for a few days before passing a drug test. The matter is that most CBD vape oils and other goods that contain the substance still have certain traces of THC. To be absolutely clean for the drug test, take a small break with using the substance.

CBD vape oil: Does it cause any high? 


As a rule, CBD vape oil is produced from top-quality hemp that contains fewer than 0.03% of THC. This is surely not enough for getting any euphoria. Moreover, CBD vape oil has no side effects that are often provided by THC-rich products. In other words, this substance is not likely to make you feel anxious, confused, lost or paranoiac. It is a completely relaxing solution that will not provide you with any psychoactive impact. That is why you can leave all your worries about any odd or scary psycho effects of the substance behind. 


CBD vape oil will not bring you to the cloud nine. It will only help you cope with certain symptoms, such as pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and some others. If you still have some concerns about the traces of the THC compound found in the CBD vape oil, you can easily switch to isolates that contain 0% of THC. 

Can you try vaping CBD oil? 

Can you vape CBD oil in case you’ve never tried weed-infused products? Sure! This is a simple and completely safe procedure that has lots of admirers among CBD consumers. Hemp oil vape is just one of the special ways of inhaling the substance. 


However, it is always a good idea to get a consultation from your physician before trying any new substance. You should come up with certain health purposes, as well as describe all the ailments and symptoms you have before choosing the vaping method. The truth is that this way of consuming the substance doesn’t fit all the patients; some might still require the alternative ways of taking CBD. As any other consumption method, CBD vape has also some minor health risks. Moreover, you will need to study in detail on how to vape the substance properly and avoid most having most common side effects. In case you use it in the wrong way, you might get some symptoms getting even worse. 


In case you would like to start consuming the substance by vaping, consider learning the instructions on how to get the maximum effects from using CBD oil for vaping. By the way, vaping and inhalation are the same terms for consuming the product by breathing it. 


The legal status of CBD vape oil 

It is important to know that CBD is derived from industrial hemp that is completely legal under recently signed Farm Bill. Therefore, you can use CBD vape oil and other similar products with no hesitation - all of them are allowed to use for medical purposes. 


However, some states still have certain restrictions on using hemp-derived products. That is why it is highly recommended to double-check the laws and regulations regarding this issue in case you are planning a trip to another state. This will help you avoid any unpleasant accidents regarding the consumption of the substance. 

What is the best way to vape CBD? 

The factor that is vital for successful vaping is choosing the right dose. This depends on the whopping number of different variables, including your age, sex, weight, health conditions, and the symptoms you want to decrease or eliminate. For example, the doses for getting rid of depression are likely to be much lower than for decreasing the number of seizures. Furthermore, the frequency of vaping is also an important factor to consider - the more often you inhale CBD, the lower doses you might need. 


How much CBD should I vape? This is one of the typical questions of beginner CBD vapers. In most cases, people start with the smallest doses (around 50 mg) and continue taking a certain dose for several days. This way, you will be able to understand how your body responds to the substance and analyze your feelings. In case you think the chosen dose is not enough, consider increasing it. Avoid hurrying up with increasing the dose; your  body should also get used to the new amount of substance. How to vape CBD oil? Just listen to your body and take the least amount of product possible. 


There is one more necessary thing any beginner in CBD vape products should take into account. This is the difference between CBD vape oil and CBD oil tinctures. The matter is although the substances have lots of similar ingredients, inhaling CBD oil tinctures is dangerous for health and might provide you with lots of side effects, including lipoid pneumonia. 


So, how can you distinguish between these two oils? How can you choose the best CBD vape oil? The main difference is that CBD tinctures are based on oil, while CBD vape oil is not. There are two kinds of vape products:


  • Cartridges. These are slim tanks that contain a certain amount of CBD oil vape juice. It is a pure and high-quality concentrate. The devices come with a standard battery. There are also some other types of cartridges available on the market, called pods. Pods will perfectly suit the most popular vaping devices. 

  • Vape juice. This product is often called vape oil. However, it is not oil but a simple distillate. When choosing the best CBD vape juice be careful and avoid purchasing classical CBD tinctures. Just take a look at the package and the product description. In case your oil contains cannabinoids, VG, PG, terpenes or CBD extract it is better to pick up another product since this one is not suitable for vaping. It is recommended to look for e-liquid, vape juice or e-juice to make sure you will use an original vaping oil with no health risks. 

CBD vape benefits

Is vaping CBD safe? What are the main advantages of consuming CBD in the form of vaping? Let’s discover some facts that make CBD vape easy, comfortable, and safe. 


  • It provides fast relief. Vaping is known to provide the fastest effects of consuming weed-infused products. When it comes to tinctures, cremes, and other standard ways of taking CBD, you will need to wait for at least 30 minutes until the treatment comes into effect. However, CBD vape will make you feel much better in just a couple of minutes after consumption. The effect will last for 1-3 hours. This is extremely important for those who require immediate relief for treating pain, seizures, panic, and dozens of other serious conditions. 

  • More precise dosing. Vaping allows choosing more accurate dosing compared to classical CBD oil. In case you need to take more precise doses of CBD for getting strong therapeutic effects, it is better to choose the CBD vape solution.

  • Less toxic. Compared to smoking, CBD vape method is considered to be safer since there are few toxic or carcinogenic products released during the process. 

  • More effective. It is necessary to point out that inhaling has up to 90% higher retention rate than smoking. Therefore, vaping can provide you with stronger effects. 


Consuming the substance by inhaling is usually convenient and safe. However, it might require gaining some skills for making the process even easier. Most consumers believe that after you’ve tried vaping for at least a couple of times, you will not like to consume CBD in a classical way anymore. 

Vaping CBD oil: Are there any health risks? 


Like any other form of treatment, CBD vape process might cause certain serious issues with health:


  • Lung damage. Smoking and vaping any substances is surely harmful to the lungs. E-cigarettes are not an exception to this rule. If you want to learn more about the issue, consider getting more information provided by the American Lung Association. 

  • Health dangers. Patients with respiratory ailments should not use CBD vape methods to avoid making their symptoms even worse, as well as eliminate an occurrence of more serious diseases. 

  • Should be avoided by teens and kids. Smoking and vaping nicotine by teenagers is becoming a real issue. The same problem might appear in the vaping area. It is easily accessible and might attract too young consumers. 

  • Toxic ingredients. Unlike pure CBD isolate, CBD vape cartridges often contain an additional compound, known as propylene glycol that is proved to show carcinogenic effects when heated. 


However, when it comes to overdosing, CBD is not likely to harm your health. The truth is that this is an organic substance that will not provide you with any too serious side effects in case you take it too much. As for the lethal consequences caused by overdosing, it is highly unlikely for anyone. 

CBD vape effects: What to expect? 

Generally, inhaling CBD substances has minimum health risks in case you follow the vaping rules, choose suitable concentrates, and follow the doses prescribed by your physician. This way, you are not likely to face any health dangers provided by CBD vape. 


Generally, vaping CBD can provide you with the same relief as smoking or taking CBD oil. The benefits for health are almost exactly the same. However, vaping is not recommended for patients suffering from some respiratory ailments, such as asthma or pneumonia. Moreover, taking CBD oil also has certain limitations. That is why vaping might become really life-saving for hundreds of people. 


CBD vape can provide relief from a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, seizures, depression, paranoiac attacks, anxiety, sleep disorders, and many others. However, this list is not completed. More research is needed to prove the ability of the substance to help with treating more conditions and ailments, such as cancer, Crohn's disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. 


If you are looking for getting relief from certain symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor for choosing a more precise dose. Treating various conditions surely requires different doses of CBD.

Choosing the devices for CBD vape

First of all, make sure to purchase a quality product from a reliable source. There are dozens of producers for CBD vape that offer top-notch and safe products for a reasonable price. Avoid purchasing CBD pens, oils, and cartridges from unknown websites or retailers with a low reputation. This simple measure will help you purchase an excellent product with lots of benefits for your health. Low-quality solutions might easily make your symptoms even worse. 

To get a quality device and materials for CBD vape, pay attention to the results of the lab tests. Any trustworthy product is always laboratory tested, as well as the results of the tests are open to the public. In most cases, you will not find this information on the product packaging. To get more data, visit the official website of the producer and find the description of the substance or device you are planning to buy. It is better to have a product that has been tested from within the last 6-10 months, as well as the tests were performed by a trustworthy laboratory. 


Note: some producers can provide you with the needed data upon request. So, don’t hesitate to contact the support team of a certain manufacturer; you are likely to receive the results of the lab test in a few business days. 


It might not be a good idea to trust cannabis shops located here and there around the corner. Some shops value their reputation and offer only quality products, while others are not. 


How to use CBD oil in a vape pen? It is recommended to start with vape oils with no additional aromas and odors. Any artificial substances are not good for beginner consumers. It is better to choose a pure CBD vape concentrate to study its effects on your body. When you’ve come up with the right dose and definitely know what to expect from taking CBD, you can try various products with additional components. This will make your consumption more pleasurable, as well as allow you to try different tastes and aromas. 

CBD vape pen and battery: What are these devices? 

In most cases, CBD vape oil is placed in a little cartridge. However, this cartridge will not work without a battery. This construction is called a vape pen. CBD vape pen transforms the oil into the vapor you will inhale. It is a small and convenient device with a battery that will not take much place in your bag. 


However, vape pens are not the only battery-containing devices for vaping. There are lots of e-cigarettes and atomizers that can be plugged into the socket. 


The main principle of operation of vape pens is that they heat a CBD vape oil, turn it into the vapor and release. This vapor is inhaled by the consumer. It is also worth mentioning that some devices are designed not for nicotine but CBD vaping only. Some of them have temperature control buttons that allow varying the amount of vapor. Although these devices are more expensive than standard e-cigarettes, it is highly recommended to purchase a pen with temperature or voltage regulation functions. 


The truth is that cannabinoids might activate under different temperatures. Furthermore, the quality of regulated CBD vape pens is usually higher. Therefore, it is often better to spend a little bit more cash but receive an excellent device that will be able to provide you with maximum effects and improve your health. 


Tips for purchasing a vape pen and vape oil 

The key to a successful purchase is to learn more about the products. First of all, find more information about the producer and its benefits, as well as get as a more detailed description of the product as possible. This way, you will be more educated and will surely know what to look for when picking up the pen, cartridge, or oil. When choosing a vape pen, don’t forget about the USB charger for battery pens. Always use only original devices for charging your vape pen. 


When you are planning to buy CBD vape oil, pay extra attention to its ingredients. If you have an allergy to certain components, avoid purchasing oils with corresponding flavors or odors. It is also better to choose a CBD vape oil that will not contain propylene glycol, a harmful substance that is added to lots of oils for vaping. Although these products might have high prices, they have low quality and might harm your overall well-being. The safety concern is the most important thing you should pay attention too. You might like the flavor, the packaging, or certain additional ingredients of the oil, but it is better to avoid purchasing a product from the suspicious producer. Otherwise, you might face with side effects and fail to get significant relief from your symptoms. 


It is important not to hurry up when connecting the cartridge with oil with your pen. Be careful not to accidentally break the device. Follow the instructions provided to your pen and avoid trying to prepare it without reading the user manual. As a rule, the process of charging your vape pen is as simple as possible, so most users are not likely to face any difficulties when using CBD vape devices and oils. 


All in all, no worries in case you fail to vape CBD. You can always try the vape pens of other producers or switch to another vape oil. In case you feel vaping is not the best option for you, consider choosing the alternative ways of CBD consumption. 

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